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New Year = Let’s Play Goalball!

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Like most people you’re probably starting to drag yourself back in to every day reality, distancing yourself from the sofa, chocolates and copius amounts of Christmas TV watching. If this is the case you may be in need of some exercise to work off those festive excesses. And I think that I might have something that could appeal…

The Nottingham Sherrifs Goalball Club are meeting for their first training session of the year at the Jubilee Sports Centre (NG7 2GG), on Saturday 8th January 10am – 12. Anybody is welcome to come along and give it a try. We normally start off with a few gentle warm ups, followed by some general orientation exercises, drills and skills practice, ending with a bit of a game.

If you’re not sure what Goalball involves and are a little bit intrigued, watch this You Tube video to find out more:

If you want to find out more about the Club and Goalball sessions, please contact me at: Alternatively, if you’d just like to come along and give it a go please just come down to the Jubilee Sports Centre this Saturday.


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